We are a third place.
The first is home. The second is work.
Here, the community is welcome to engage and share, face to face.



We believe in giving back. That is why we support the mission of the 501(c)3 non-profit kibbitznest by providing charitable, educational, and literary benefits to the public by being a third place. Third places are crucial for harmony in a civil society, democracy, and for civic engagement.

As a bookstore, our patrons are surrounded by liberal arts books, used and new. We are a place where the theoretical concepts explored at kibbitznest can come alive in practice, much like the intellectually stimulating literary salons of days past.

As a bookbar, we encourage the the use of our comfy chairs and couches as well as communal tables where patrons can socialize while enjoying a glass of wine or beer, cheese and crackers, or an ice cream. 

As a proudly wifi-free zone, we ask that laptop computers remain in their carrying cases and discourage the excessive use of smartphones.

It’s not unusual to find patrons playing games at our tables, writing letters on our typewriters, or enjoying our reading room.

House Rules

Be kind. Dig deep. Search for answers. Hold no agendas (we don't know anything) except an open mind and curiosity. Ask questions gently. Listen fairly. Talk face-to-face. Put away your phone and laptop. Use combustible media (easier to ignite ideas). Tell stories. Laugh freely. Refrain from shouting. Remember that everyone here matters (even you).