Book Clubs & other large meeting groups


Hey guys! Please do not post a FaceBook party invitation for all your closest friends to come to the Nest, without making a reservation in advance! Really, people have done this and then they get mad at us for asking them to cooperate and respect our space and staff - not cool. We may not be able to accommodate your group due to other reservations, plus, there are minimums and a staff service charge to consider.

Hey fellow kibbitzers!

We know that our kibbitzers are generally smart nerdy types that fully understand this, but, if you are new to kibbitznest books, brews, and blarney or have written a really mean-spirited online review, here's the low down. We are a small, one location brick and mortar business which employs people, and pays lots of bills, and taxes, just like many other Chicago small businesses. In addition, we donate our proceeds to kibbitznest, the nonprofit organization encouraging quality old-fashioned human communication. 

Sometimes people think we are a taxpayer funded entity like the park district or the Chicago Public Library or perhaps a billion dollar fortune 500 company like the beloved Starbuck's that has 26,000 stores worldwide! We wish we could afford for people to drop by the Nest in large groups, and spend hours chatting about the great book they are reading (or See Below) all virtually for FREE and unannounced! 

Unfortunately, the time has come to restrict book clubs & other certain groups to just a few that understand it is a two way street. We are happy to provide space to the clubs & groups that understand the value of what kibbitznest offers. We are not asking for much, other than respect for our mission, our space, and our staff members.

To reserve space to hold a book club, a large group party or any other group activity such as a board meeting, a business meeting, to do an art project, and any other activity that is normally done in such places as someone's home, office, coffee shop, a public building or school, please email for the availability and cost to do so. We will not be able to accommodate these group walk-ins without reservations.