Position open for: Assistant Manager FULL-TIME

Send resume to store@kibbitznest.com

This is a bookbar! We are a WIFI-FREE zone, no, not Free Wifi, but NO Wifi, no laptops (but sometimes they hang out, but just for a little) and limited phone use (except for texting your friends to come on over! or posting those great pictures you've just taken, enjoying face to face communication! or checking Amazon because you can't believe the GREAT book prices!!). We sell wine, beer, cocktails, slow pour-over coffee, tea, spirits, small plates, cheese plates, hot dogs, chips & salsa, homemade hummus, Bobtail ice cream (to die for), liberal arts books, and gifts. Other than heating hot dogs, there is no cooking of food. Customers can read and buy books, play games, type on old fashioned typewriters, play foosball and just communicate face to face. We also have a nonprofit partner, kibbitznest, that conducts liberal arts programming in our back space, and also sells used donated books. We are on Facebook, Insta, Google and Yelp, please look us up BEFORE you apply. www.kibbitznest.com and www.kibbitznest.org.

This position is NOT a typical restaurant/bar type position, please read about us before you apply. An appreciation for the mission is required.  

The assistant manager assists the General Manager (with all the responsibilities below) in bar/cafe/bookstore operations in achieving specified goals through the implementation, management, and enforcement of store's policies, procedures, and initiatives. Will provide direction to staff to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, and quality of work. Salary depends on experience, too much is not a plus, but around 1 -2 year management is a must. Hours are Wednesday through Sunday, late afternoon until midnight or sometimes later. Car is helpful. 

  • Requirements

One to two years managerial experience in a bar and cafe. Basic bartending skills a must.

Must have a college degree.

Interest in the liberal arts is a BIG plus.

Being familiar with the mission of kibbitznest is a BIG plus.

Must have Bassett and Food Manager Certification

Must have strong verbal communication and interpersonal skills

Must have ability to take direction from general manager with ease

Must have high level of mobility/flexibility

Must have time management skills

Must be able to operate equipment

Must be able to work under heavy/stress during busy times.

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and do a lot of walking and standing

Must have quick reaction skills and be quick on your feet

Must be trustworthy, reliable, and dependable - VERY IMPORTANT

Must be an individual with a positive attitude and a friendly disposition - FOR SURE

  • Responsibilities

1. Uses sound judgment and follow through on commitments. Must have analytical skills and be a creative thinker, in order to do all that follows below;

2. Anticipates problems and issues.

3. A working knowledge of beer, wine, mixed drinks and some cafe type food prep, there is no cooking of food.

4. Assists manager in running a staff of 3-4. Keeps employees motivated, resolves conflicts, and makes hard decisions.

5. Trains employees in all aspects of their jobs as bartenders, servers, food preparation and retail sales of books and gifts. Clarifies their roles, responsibilities, priorities and expectations.

6. Ensures that all menu items are prepared, proportioned, and presented properly and in a clean, safe manner. Ensures food safety, quality and freshness. Assists in maintaining facility and bar and food equipment.

7. Operates and manages cash register, opens and closes shifts as needed.

8. Anticipates and responds to customer concerns and or complaints and brings any issues to the attention of the general manager with urgency.

9. Will assist as bartender, food prep, busser, book organizer, book seller or any other responsibility normally held by any of the other staff people. Covers shifts when others are sick or unable to work.

10. Accepts deliveries, assists in placing orders and ensuring inventory is well stocked from beer to copy paper and everything in between.

11. Maintains cleanliness of all areas of space including bathrooms. Making trash runs.

12. Assists general manager with marketing on social media when needed.

13. Suggests and executes marketing plans in the store, for the website and social media.

14. Maintains and suggests ways to maintain a good relationship with the Lincoln Park/DePaul neighborhood.

15. Work days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Store Hours of operation are currently Wed & Thurs 3-11pm, Friday 3-12am, Saturday 12-12am & Sunday 12-6pm. The assistant manager and the general manager will coordinate work shifts within these times frames, exclusive of time spent opening and closing. Hours will be primarily approximately 37 -40 per week. Occasionally up to 44hours per week, if GM is out of town.

15. This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive; rather it describes the general level of work that needs to be performed. The duties may change from time to time, and management/owners reserve the right to reasonably add or delete duties and responsibilities in performing work normally performed as an assistant manager in a bar/cafe/bookstore.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Degree

Required experience:

  • Management: 1 year

Required licenses or certifications:

  • Bassett Certification
  • Food Manager Certification