Kibbitznest books, brews, and blarney featured in TimeOut Chicago

Kibbitznest Books, Brews & Blarney is a wifi-free zone, focusing on creating a space where people really talk to one another, face to face. Excessive use of smartphones will be discouraged (minus tagging the space on Instagram) and laptops must be kept in their cases or out of sight. Instead of refreshing Facebook while you’re there, you’ll browse the books (both used and new), maybe do a little shopping, hang out, play games, and chat with other guests over snacks like Chicago-style hot dogs, great cheese plates and other small plates or luscious Bobtail ice cream, along with 20 different beers, 17 different wines, or craft mixed drinks.
“It’s time to step back in time and take notice of what the potential negative impact will be on our society if we choose face-to-face social interaction less and less,” Annie Kostiner said in a press release.

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